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Reclaimed Wood Eco Cutlery Wrap Set

Bring Sustainability To The Office This Year

For many people working from home is now a regular occurrence. In the last few years there have been many changes that has meant less travel, and long may it continue in our opinion. Congested roads, long commutes and poor public transport are all terrible for the environment – so if we can work from home we should, to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Home Comforts

For us, the additional home comforts have made it easier to eat healthily at lunch, and find that extra time for exercise that was once taken up by sitting in traffic. However, don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t find any positives from being at home more, the last few years have been tough on us all.

Continuing The Commute

For those that have to continue the commute, here’s a few items that we think all office workers should have to help encourage more of those everyday sustainable choices that can help make a big difference to our environment.

Reclaimed Wood Eco Cutlery Wrap Set

Reclaimed Wooden Cutlery

These Reclaimed Wooden Cutlery sets are perfect to keep close to your desk. Then on those days where you can only grab a quick lunch from the closest convenience, you can ditch the Disposable Plastic Cutlery and come prepared with everything that you might need.

Coconut Bowl

Coconut Bowl

Bring a little home comfort into the office this year. These Coconut Bowls are ideal for filling with Fruit and Veggies for your favourite ‘Buddha Bowl’ style lunch. You’ll be the envy of the office, and maybe you’ll encourage a few others to follow suit and drop the supermarket sandwiches at lunchtime.

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